Red Sox GM Position to be Filled by Committee

BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 18: Dave Dombrowski the President of Baseball Operations of the Boston Red Sox stands at home plate before a game against the New York Yankees at Fenway Park on September 18, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Red Sox won 5-4. (Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images)

The Boston Red Sox have suffered several losses in their front office this offseason. General Manager Mike Hazen left for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and one candidate to replace him, Amiel Sawdye, chose instead to follow him. After Hazen left, many believed that President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski would promote someone from within the organization to fill the GM position. However, now it seems the Red Sox prefer not to hire a single general manager at this time. Instead, they will, for now, fill the position by committee.

Red Sox GM Role to be Filled by Committee

On October 25, the Red Sox promoted Eddie Romero to the position of Assistant General Manager. Romero previously headed up the club’s international scouting department. While he served in that role, Boston made several notable moves in the international market, including signing top prospect Yoan Moncada.

Now, Romero will join fellow AGM Brian O’Halloran in taking the top two spots beneath Dombrowski in the organization. The Red Sox will also promote other individuals as necessary to fill their needs. Romero and O’Halloran will likely take on most of the duties of the general manager’s office. However, since the organization has decided not to hire and actual GM, and since Romero and O’Halloran report directly to the President of Baseball Ops, Dombrowski essentially becomes the new GM for the time being.

Not Hiring a GM Could Benefit Red Sox

Likely, this won’t change much in terms of how decisions get made within the organization. Though Hazen’s official title was general manager, Dombrowski always had the final word on any trades or acquisitions. A former GM himself, Dombrowski is well prepared to handle the extra responsibilities he will now have.

This new way of handling the general manager’s job could, in fact, benefit the Red Sox. Dombrowski is now officially in full control of the baseball ops department. Everything will go straight through him, instead of through an intermediary first. This should help streamline the decision-making process, and help things get done faster.

The Red Sox have several priorities this offseason. They need to shore up a shaky rotation in a weak starting pitcher market, and find an arm or two for the bullpen. Designated hitter and third base are also areas that need addressing. They also need to replace bench coach Torey Lovullo, who was named the new manager of the Diamondbacks. With all that work to do, anything that makes it faster and clearer will be welcome in Boston.

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  1. In case no one has figured it out yet – Dave Dombrowski was performing all GM functions in 2015 and will do so in 2016.

    To appoint a “General Manager” who has no power is rather ludicrous, and only defines whoever accepts that slot as a puppet.

    Sure – as an assistant GM, you can rationalize that you followed directions and were an understudy to Dave Dombrowski. That looks GREAT on your baseball resume. But to be a “puppet GM” – a GM in name only? Uhhh, no.


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