Jose Quintana is the Future, Not Just Present


Jose Quintana was asked about his future, more specifically his desire to stay with the Chicago White Sox among the off-season rumors that he may be dealt. Quintana seems excited about his future with the White Sox organization.

“Yes sir. Absolutely. I want to be there,” he said at the White Sox fan fest over the weekend.

When an organization finally commits to a rebuild, it’s a gigantic step. It’s usually a pretty tough decision to make. Quintana’s future seems to be the current discussion the White Sox front office is having.

This off-season the White Sox made that decision to rebuild, as evident by moving Adam Eaton and Chris Sale.

Quintana in Chicago

The next piece the White Sox seem open to moving is Jose Quintana. Although as we get closer and closer to pitchers and catchers reporting the move becomes less likely. The soon to be 28-year-old has thrown 200 innings the last four seasons, pitching to a 3.51 ERA or lower those four seasons.

His biggest plus for teams interested is his contract. Two years guaranteed with two team options. He would get paid $11.5 million in his last season, the high price over the next four years. Assuming both options are exercised, Quintana will be 31 when the contract expires.

The Yankees Need Starting Pitching

In 2016 the New York Yankees had one starting pitcher reach double digit victories. Quintana did it for the first time in his career in 2016. Technically, they did not have a single pitcher reach 200 innings. Sorry Masahiro Tanaka, you needed one more out.

Compare that to the year before. The Yankees had three starters reach double digit victories and saw themselves in a wild card playoff game against the Houston Astros. The Yankees haven’t had a starter hit the 200 inning mark since 2013. C.C. Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda both did it that year.

It’s a clear area of need for the Yankees moving forward and there are veterans left on the free agent market. Names like Jason Hammel, Jered Weaver and Colby Lewis highlight the top. Not what the young, long term Yankees are looking for. Those names will not be on the Yankees when they will be ready to compete for a championship, not just a playoff spot.

Quintana Could Be

Sabathia is on his way out after this season, or will be back on a short term prove yourself each year deal (much cheaper). Tanaka has an option following this season, and his elbow blowing out remains in the back of all our heads. He has 67 million reasons to opt in after this year. Michael Pineda has been inconsistent since donning the pinstripes, and with Nathan Eovaldi recovering this year, the Yankees will rely heavily on young, inexperienced arms.

Quintana fits right into the middle of the rotation. One of the few pitchers available right now, that when you think of him, you can think Quintana is the future, not just the present.

While he is not the pitcher Chris Sale is, he will get the White Sox value back. This may be the reason Quintana is still a White Sox, they want more than teams are willing to give. That’s fair for Chicago, he’s their guy. Why part with him for nothing less than what you want. Twenty eight isn’t old, he can be part of the White Sox future.

Plenty of Options

Two thirds of ‘No Run DMC’ were traded for a total of eight prospects. Then McCann for two more. The Yankees have an incredibly deep farm system. They also have an underrated amount of young kids already in the bigs. Young players, learning the ropes, starting to fill in positions for the next five years (in the best world, the next decade).

Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, Didi Gregorius, Aaron Judge, Tyler Austin, Luis Severino, Luis Cessa–players that Cashman sees as the next group of players to bring a championship to the organization.

That makes the guys playing at Double-A and Triple-A at those positions a little more expendable. Quintana is a piece that can help stabilize the rotation this year, as well as the next three seasons with a good price tag. The luxury that Cashman has is that his farm system is deep, littered with potential.

Is he willing to part with a Tyler Austin, maybe a Blake Rutherford/Aaron Judge as the White Sox could look to add youth to the outfield. The Yankees top 3b prospect, Miguel Andujar, is also a future position of need for the White Sox.

Quintana has been consistent over his career. He is a matching 46-46 in his career with the Sox. For the White Sox price, Quintana could be a valuable part of the Yankee organization for years to come. Labeled as long shots, Cashman has surprised before.

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