Examining the Relationship Between Clint Frazier and the Yankees

CLEARWATER, FL - FEBRUARY 25: Clint Frazier (75) of the Yankees walks back to first base between pitches during the spring training game between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies on February 25, 2017 at Spectrum Field in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire)

Clint Frazier is one of the New York Yankees top prospects, and rightfully so, as he has all of the tools to become the next baseball great with the Yankees. Frazier seemed very happy with the Yankees franchise, but recently he had to cut his hair due to the Yankees no long hair or facial hair policy. Fans and the team clearly don’t want a big issue over nothing. In the public eye, everything seems fine, but who knows what might have happened behind the scenes.

Examining the Relationship Between Clint Frazier and the Yankees

Frazier, despite being a top prospect, is also known for his long, fire-red hair. It became a craze when he was traded to the Yankees last July and was the next big thing in New York Yankees baseball. When he was forced to cut it, there were mixed reviews, but it looked like many supported his hair and wished he was able to keep it.

George Steinbrenner

The Yankees hair policy goes back a long time, to the beginning of the George Steinbrenner era. With his children now in charge, they would like to maintain his legacy by winning championships and sticking with his policies. It was reported that Steinbrenner’s daughter, Jennifer Steinbrenner-Swindall, scolded Frazier because of his hair. Whether or not you are in favor of this policy, it’s done and Frazier’s hair was donated to a good cause. Any worry should revolve around his relationship with the Yankee brass.

One of the most famous enforcements of this policy was the Lou Piniella incident. Steinbrenner told “Sweet Lou” that his hair was too long. Piniella argued that Jesus Christ had long hair so it shouldn’t be a problem. Steinbrenner took him to a pool across the street and said if he could walk across the water he could keep his hair. He ended up cutting it. He spent the remainder of his career with the Yankees and developed a very good relationship with Steinbrenner. If this turns out the same as it did with Piniella, the Yankees are in good shape. Obviously, every scenario won’t turn out this way. If Frazier is a team player as advertised, this should not be a problem. This shouldn’t be anything to worry about for the franchise, fans, or players, as Frazier should just move along and forget it.

Final Thought

This issue shouldn’t present any problems because making the franchise happy and performing well should be the top priorities. Still, this issue could bring up larger issues in the future. Frazier doesn’t seem like that type of player, but if something small goes wrong it could lead to a conflict, which could lead to losing one of the Yankees top prospects. This is unlikely, but it is worth keeping an eye on Frazier’s attitude and devotion to the team.

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