If They Can Remain Healthy, The Miami Marlins Outfield Will Be The Best In Baseball


With the 2017 MLB season now in full swing, second year manager Don Mattingly and the Miami Marlins are a team whose forecast for this season is unclear. While they have an abundance of power and contact bats at their disposal, many are skeptical of their starting rotation, headlined by free agent signee Edinson Volquez. One thing with this team is for sure though – their outfield is lethal. If the that same Miami Marlins outfield can remain healthy this season, they will become the best outfield unit in baseball.

If They Can Remain Healthy, The Miami Marlins Outfield Will Be The Best In Baseball:

While they’re solid all around the diamond with the versatile Martin Prado, the crafty Dee Gordon, and first baseman Justin Bour, the Marlins biggest asset is their outfield.

With young up and coming outfielders such as Marcell Ozuna, Christian Yelich and Giancarlo Stanton, the Marlins have a formidable trio in their outfield. Stanton though has already made a name for himself in regards to being a star.

Giancarlo Stanton‘s Rise To Stardom, Albeit The Injuries

Throughout the course of his seven year career, right fielder Giancarlo Stanton has been known for one thing in particular – his power bat. While baseball has the luxury of having many top tier and exciting power hitters in its league, Stanton tends to stand out just a bit more.

Standing at 6’6″, Stanton possesses a long and powerful swing, which makes the watching eye look upon his stance as an overpowering one. The pop off his bat only adds to that notion.

While Stanton tends to be a must watch at the plate in the regular season, he’s also put on quite the show at the MLB Home Run Derby.

While the watching fan can take it for what whatever it’s worth, Stanton put on a show for the ages at the 2016 Home Run Derby. Nobody can take that away from him. That power though has been showcased in regular season games too.

In each of his seven years in the big leagues, Stanton has hit at least 22 or more home runs a season. The biggest issue with him though is his durability.

Over the course of his career, Stanton has struggled to remain on the field, due to injury. In fact, Stanton has played in at least 150 games only once in his seven year career, and has missed a combined 131 games the last two seasons.

Stanton’s power at the plate makes him a star alone, but he must stay healthy if he’s going  to continue to grow as a hitter, and take his game to even higher heights.

Another guy who could become even better is left fielder Christian Yelich.

Christian Yelich Could Blossom Into A Star In 2017

In addition to Stanton, another player who is key to the Marlins lineup is Christian Yelich. However, Yelich has been under the radar for most of his career.

Much like Stanton, Yelich is a presence at the plate, but hits for average, more so than power. Yelich is a career .292 hitter. His ability to hit for average though also helped him generate some power as the years went on.

In 2016, Yelich finally broke out and hit 27 home runs. That’s astonishing given his power in year’s past. In the three years before, Yelich hit just a combined 20 home runs. His ability to hit for power, as well as hit for a .298 average helped him grow as a hitter. If he can generate even power power at the plate this year, while still hitting for a high average, Yelich could very well crack the MLB All-Star game, and blossom into a star in 2017.

His teammate Marcell Ozuna, while not as powerful from the plate, has that same chance to blossom this season.

Marcell Ozuna‘s Consistency

While both Stanton and Yelich have already made a name for themselves, center fielder Marcell Ozuna has quietly progressed into a solid force at the plate as well.

While he hasn’t been a star, Ozuna has been consistently productive at the plate – a trait taken for granted from time by time. Over the course of his career, Ozuna has hit for a .265 batting average. He has also hit 23 home runs in both 2014 and 2016. Ozuna was unable to reach that feat in 2015 though, due to injury.

Ozuna’s production at the plate, when healthy has been consistent. He is a contact bat, who can also hit for power. He’s also a plausible fielder though.

In addition to his production at the plate, Ozuna is reliable in center field too. He has a solid arm and is good at not letting balls drop. If he can remain healthy, and continue to maintain a well balanced offensive approach, Ozuna can grow into an even better all around player in 2017.

If They Can Stay Healthy, The Marlins Will Have The Best Outfield In Baseball 

The Marlins potential success in 2017 is unclear due to their shaky rotation, but one thing that isn’t for question is their outfield. The Marlins outfield is young, and potentially superstar studded. If the trio of Stanton, Yelich and Ozuna can remain healthy in 2017, the Marlins will have the best outfield in all of baseball.

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