New York Mets Should Not Look at Jose Reyes as a Long-Term Option


The Mets’ third base situation took a crushing blow when David Wrights health decline came upon them. After re-signing shortstop and infielder Jose Reyes, things appeared to stop the bleeding for a little. However now, the aging, once superb Reyes is clearly not the same infielder that he was back in his prime playing days.

New York Mets Should Not Look at Jose Reyes as a Long-Term Option.

Reyes, who is now 34 years of age, is clearly slowing down at the plate and in many areas of his overall game. His hitting was key, and his speed on the base paths was a tremendous part of his resume in 2006. Even though Reyes has notched his 500th stolen base recently, he should not be looked at as a long-term option for this Mets’ infield. He is struggling just to put up quality stats this season. It is evident he is worn down and just trying to maintain his health on a team that is falling apart position by position.

The Mets’ infield situation is currently a puzzle that should soon be a priority to solve. They should address this concern rather soon, as they have a few interesting pieces that they can work with, and a few that are still playing tremendous, impressive ball in the minor leagues. With shortstop Amed Rosario┬ámaking his highly anticipated, much awaited debut on Tuesday, it spells out a move for Reyes, who should be shifted around in that infield so Rosario can hold down fort there. Third base is a gaping hole the that Mets should definitely look to solidify. If Reyes is placed there, it may be a move that is not too bad at the moment, but he is not what the team needs in the future. The Mets need to find their new cornerstone star third baseman. A third baseman with youth, power, and defensive abilities. One who can be relied on heavily to win the games needed to seriously be contenders.

The Mets tried now-former Met Ty Kelly at third base, and he had proven to be unproductive. What the Mets need is a virtually indestructible and healthy infielder that can put up wow-worthy numbers consistently.

We hear big name players all the time and we may think “How did that team get so lucky?” Trading for a player isn’t always the necessary route to go down. What if there is a solution waiting in the minor leagues? A “home grown” player with big league star potential?

What may have been a vital part of the 2006 Mets’ incredible run was the dynamic infield duo that consisted of Reyes and Wright. The Mets need to look to build that type of infield again. The fact that Reyes and Wright are getting up there in age and not the same is a sad reminder that it is time to build a younger and fresh new infield.

Reyes was nothing short of spectacular in the day, however the Mets need to rebuild their infield if they look to seriously contend. That means working with the pieces they have, but knowing who to rely on for positions that should be covered in the best way possible.
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