Benches Cleared Three Times and Eight Ejected in Yankees vs Tigers Finale


Benches cleared three times and eight were ejected Thursday afternoon in Comerica Park in the series finale between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers. In the fifth inning, after hitting his fourth home run of the three-game series in his previous at bat, Sanchez was plunked in the hip by a Michael Fulmer fastball. Both sides were warned. In the bottom of the sixth inning with the Tigers leading 6-3, Tommy Kahnle threw behind Miguel Cabrera. Kahnle was ejected. Yankees Manager Joe Girardi argued for Kahnle and was also ejected.

Miggy Chirping

Aroldis Chapman replaced Kahnle on the mound. Before Chapman threw a pitch, Cabrera started chirping at catcher Austin Romine. There was a shove by Cabrera and then punches thrown. Both benches cleared. Gary Sanchez had to be restrained from the scrum. Cabrera and Romine were both ejected.

In the seventh inning with the score tied at six, Dellin Betances hit James McCann in the head with a fastball. McCann, was on his feet in a few seconds almost unfazed by the blow to the helmet but both benches were cleared again. Sanchez, this time was protecting Betances. Betances and bench coach Rob Thompson were ejected.

In the top of the eighth with the Tigers leading 8-6, Alex Wilson plunked Todd Frazier in the hip which cleared the benches a third time. McCann, restrained Frazier. Wilson was ejected immediately and Tigers Manager Brad Ausmus followed shortly after.

The game was completed without further incident and the Tigers held the lead to win 10-6. There will most certainly be suspensions handed down by the league. MLB reviews all incidents of this kind and hands down suspensions based upon what they see on video. Anyone seen throwing a punch can be suspended in addition to the players ejected from the game.

Who Will Get Suspended?

Suspensions to Kahnle and Betances will hurt the Yankees whose pitching staff is already shorthanded due to injuries. The Yankees currently hold the top Wild Card spot in the American League and are within striking distance of the division lead. Multiple player suspensions could cost them ground in both races. The Tigers, being completely out of the playoff picture, are far more able to afford suspensions.

Update 8/25/2017:

For their roles in the brawls, MLB has announced the following players and coaches will be suspended: Gary Sanchez (four games), Austin Romine (two games), Miguel Cabrera (seven games), Alex Wilson (four games), and Brad Ausmus (one game).

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