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Mike joined Last Word on Sports in January of 2017. He is currently studying Sport Media at Ryerson University, where he co-hosts the sports talk radio show 'Commish & K's' on Mike considers himself an all-around sports nut, and is an avid fan of the Vancouver Canucks, San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Browns, Phoenix Suns, USC Trojans and Chelsea FC.

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Crowding the Plate Podcast Episode 58: Derek Jeter Buys the Marlins

Goodbye Jeffrey Loria, hello Jeets! That's right, Derek Jeter buys the Marlins to end that long, dragged out team sale. Well, him and a dozen or so other deep-pocketed folks looking to get in on sports team ownership....

Crowding the Plate Episode 57: 2017 Player Weekend Shenanigans

This season is introducing a strange phenomenon in Major League Baseball. For one weekend, the teams will wear goofy looking jerseys and players will be given full reign to be as creative and silly...