Los Angeles Angels Acquire Danny Espinosa


After acquiring Adam Eaton from the Chicago White Sox, it appeared as if Danny Espinosa‘s playing days in the nation’s capital had come to an end, and now it’s official.

According to Josh Norris, the Washington Nationals have traded Espinosa to the Los Angeles Angels.

Los Angeles Angels Acquire Danny Espinosa

In return the Nationals will receive minor league relievers Austin Adams and Kyle McGowin.

Within the last few hours the Nationals began their yearly Winterfest, where the players and fans interact with one another; however, Espinosa was absent from their festivities due to frustration in the team’s recent move for Eaton.

With Eaton aboard, the Nationals were bound to find a suitor for Espinosa, and his recent trade request made a deal plausible for both sides; however, it’s unknown what player the Angels will be getting.

Last year Espinosa hit just .209, but drove in over 70 runs, and hit 24 home runs. Also, just a few weeks before the All Star break, Espinosa went on a tear offensively, driving in seven runs in a single game, but also putting on a power display at the plate. After that, he tailed off, and went into a slump for most of the year. His fit on the Angels will also be something to monitor, as his role seems a bit unclear.

Throughout most of his career, Espinosa has been second baseman and, more recently, a shortstop, and he’s among the elite fielding shortstops in baseball. But his average has always been a red flag. He’s posted a .226 batting average over the course of his career. It’s also a bit odd that just a year ago, the Angels made a blockbuster move for Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons, and now the team is looking at a deal for another shortstop. It appears their trust in Simmons has dissipated a bit; regardless, it will be interesting to see how he fares in his home come.

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