Red Sox Reportedly Used Apple Watches to Obtain Signs


The Boston Red Sox have found themselves in the middle of a potentially very messy situation. The Red Sox reportedly used Apple Watches to steal signs, according to an article written by Michael S. Schmidt from New York Times.

Red Sox Reportedly Used Apple Watches to Obtain Signs

The Red Sox were able to steal opposing catchers’ signals with the help of Apple Watches. The New York Yankees were victims of this, as well as other teams that have yet to be named. It is of knowledge that Yankees GM Brian Cashman¬†filed a complaint to the commissioner’s office which included a video. The video that was submitted included proof of one of the Red Sox trainers viewing an Apple Watch from the Red Sox dugout and communicating information, according to Schmidt’s sources.

The investigators for Major League Baseball have already determined that the Red Sox have been stealing signs and viewing the opposing catchers as the game was being played.

The Red Sox have actually admitted that they relayed information from their dugout. The team had said that they were communicating information from the replays while inside of their dugout for a few weeks now.

The Red Sox were contacted by the commissioner’s office, but didn’t go down without a fight. They filed a countercomplaint against the Yankees claiming that they too have stolen signs by using one of their television cameras.

How MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred will deal with either compliant is unknown at the moment.

This illegal action could very well escalate the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry which is already a popular and nasty one. This can easily take it to another level.

Obtaining teams’ signals is not new to the sports world, it just so happens that the Red Sox have been found to be the latest culprit of this action against the rules of Major League Baseball.
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