2018 New York Mets Need a Total Rebuild


2018 New York Mets Need a Total Rebuild

It is surely no surprise that the 2017 New York Mets have had a terrible season. This season featured almost everyone injured, and just some horrible baseball being played with a few off field distractions. The fans are almost at their limit, and it is very clear that changes must be made during this off-season in order for them to be taken seriously, and their fans to continue to attend games. The loyalty to this fanbase may never fade, but who wants to attend games when there is nothing to cheer about? Fans on social media have expressed their wishes to not attend games due to the situation the Mets are in.

Where To Begin?

So, where do we start? It is very obvious that the sinking ship needs a new skipper. Fans may never be delighted with the choice the Mets will make, however, whoever will replace Terry Collins will be inheriting a complete and utter mess, so it may take some time for the new skipper in town to prove what he can bring to a team desperate for a new beginning and fresh chapter of Mets baseball.

Hot Corner

Third base remains a position that should be marked as urgent on the to do list this off-season. Jose Reyes isn’t the athlete he once was, and finding a youthful player that can be developed the right way would be a lot better than acquiring a veteran third baseman. A youthful infield will get the job done, and letting Neil Walker go was a big way that the Mets have dropped the ball. They could have used him at third, and he is a solid defensive player capable of making that transition while displaying some good numbers offensively. Walker was the best option that they could have used at third base at the time.


Adding another outfielder, another starting pitcher and two more relievers would help this team out tremendously. The only two positions that solid right now are the two rookies, first baseman Dominic Smith and  shortstop Amed Rosario. Rosario has put on a show, displaying some impressive speed on the base paths. The youth movement is working out nicely, and shows that getting younger does not always mean a team of inexperienced players that may cost the team a game every now and then. They too are capable of showing big league potential at early points in their careers.

Trainers and medical staff have not done their end of the deal when it comes to preserving the health of these players. That remains a huge issue as well. The Mets need to analyze all areas of their team and it will be an off-season where a lot needs to be on the agenda. This isn’t 2015, and things have spiraled out of control very fast.

Looking Ahead

All in all, the Mets may need some time to recover from a brutal 2017. Many things are marked as concerns, and the rebuild mode must be activated this off-season in order to even think about a winning season in 2018.

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