Minnesota Twins Star Miguel Sano Accused of Assault


Just earlier today, Betsy Bissen, a photographer for the Twins Daily fan website, accused Minnesota Twins star Miguel Sano of sexual assault. She opened up about her assault via twitter.

Minnesota Twins Star Miguel Sano Accused of Assault

Bissen is a photographer and an avid baseball fan. She could be found with her camera by the dugout getting photos of players doing their pre-game rituals. Prior to the incident with Sano she would get hit on by the first base coach at every game she worked. Bissen was able to ignore these comments until the first base coach asked for her number.

The incident with Sano happened during an autograph signing at FanHQ in 2015. After the autograph signing, Bissen stated Sano recognized her from the games she has worked at. Sano wanted to go to the apple store with his agent and her employer after the signing, and continued to flirt with Bissen until he “grabbed my wrist and made me go”. Bissen continued on to describe the incident:

“We spend around a half hour inside that store before it was time for him and his agent to leave.  Their car was pulled around to a back hallway door.  As we got outside, the athlete decided he needed to use the restroom.  I asked my boss where it was and pointed to the door we just walked thru.  Apparently I was too close, and the athlete took that as a signal that I wanted him to grab me and try to take me back thru that door.

I pulled back as he held onto my wrist.  It hurt, how badly he was grasping at my wrist, but he wouldn’t let go.  I wasn’t going to give up my fight though.  He then leaned down and tried to kiss me, more than once.  Every time he did, I said no and kept pulling back.  I was in a squatted position with my wrist throbbing.  I screamed, no one came to help me.  He finally gave up after a solid ten mins of fighting to pull me thru that door.  I don’t even want to think of what he may have done, had he got me thru that door.  No, he didn’t rape me, but he sure did assault me.  When I said no, it should have been the end of it.  He should have respected that and stopped.  Instead, he hurt me and kept going. 

The next day, my body was sore all over from having to fight off this athlete that thought he was entitled to take advantage of me against my will.”

The Twins organization responded with their own statement on Twitter, however with the news just breaking today, the organization is going to wait until more information on the allegations is released to make a decision on Sano. Former Twins player Trevor Plouffe reached out to Bissen via Twitter after hearing the news.

Bissen’s tweet included the hashtag “#metoo” at the end of it, which has become popular in raising awareness of women’s assault and sexual harassment cases. The hashtag was created by Alyssa Milano. Bissen’s tweet was retweeted 1,400 times within three hours and received hundreds of replies, including Plouffe’s tweet.

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