Mike Siani 2018 MLB Draft Profile

Mike Siani

The 2018 MLB Draft will begin Monday, June 4th. Teams with an early pick will want to get a prospect who can help them as soon as possible. The teams with later picks aren’t going to get the same opportunity, taking more of a risk with their pick. That’s just in the first round. From then on, every pick becomes less of a guarantee and more of a shot in the dark. Scouts for every Major League team have done their due-diligence, compiling research and attending countless high school and college games to figure out which players to target in the draft. Some will flourish into major league players and some will come up short. But, there’s no denying these kids have talent and will all get their chance at the big leagues.

Mike Siani 2018 Draft Profile

Mike Siani is an 18 year-old outfielder from William Penn Charter School in Pennsylvania. Weighing in at 6’1″ 180 lbs, Siani is a true lefty, which scouts see as an advantage. He has also pitched in his high school career. Siani was named to the 2018 Rawlings Perfect-Game 1st Team All American for the Atlantic Region and USA Baseball’s 18-and-under team. He is one of the best defensive players in the 2018 draft class because of his plus-speed and range in the outfield. But he’s committed to the University of Virginia meaning teams will be wary to pick him regardless of his defensive abilities. He is ranked 41st on the list of the top 200 MLB 2018 Draft Prospects so he will get chosen by a major league team. Once he is, it will be Siani’s decision of whether to continue with professional baseball or take the college route.


There’s a ton of upside with Mike Siani. He has plus tools that include his speed and arm. He consistently throws 90-plus mph from the outfield with accuracy to all targets. His range and speed in the outfield are what separates him from other prospects in the draft. The direct routes he takes on fly balls are efficient and he reads the ball well off the bat. These assets will make him appealing to a team that needs to add outfield prospects to the farm. He can throw 90-plus from the mound too. There isn’t much to be said about what kind of pitcher he is, but a LHP who can break 90 mph on the gun is appealing to every major league team.


The only question mark in Siani’s game is his ability at the plate. As a left-handed batter, his power is considered to be raw with room for improvement. His power and contact have the potential to develop and mature but that’s only if he gets consistent at-bats. His swing is smooth and structured which leaves room to grow. If it does, it will improve his stock immensely making him a more complete player.


The biggest factor in Mike Siani’s future is whether he chooses to fulfill his commitment to the University of Virginia. If he takes that route, he’ll be able to continue to enhance his already impressive defensive skills and potentially get a chance on the mound. If he agrees to take his signing bonus and begin his career with the team that drafts him, he will be strictly an outfielder which will allow him to work on his hitting ability against other major league prospects. Whichever route Siani decides to take, there’s a solid chance he’ll be vying for a starting CF job in the Major Leagues in the future.

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