Seattle Mariners Trade Deadline Options


This team should be looking to do one thing and one thing only. Buy, and buy hard at the deadline. Jerry Dipoto just signed a contract extension, and the main reason he got the deal was in part to the trades he has been able to make over his short 2.5 year stint with the team. This year shouldn’t be any different, while being completely different at the same time. Yes, Dipoto should try and find some new Seattle Mariners. The reason it is different is for the first time in quite a while, the Mariners are peeking in at the playoffs. They should be looking for someone who can put them over the edge to make sure they reach October baseball.

The outfield has been looking good. The infield has as well. With Robinson Cano coming back at the start of August, it leaves most of the offense in a good spot. Here are some positions the Mariners could be looking to upgrade, as well as potential targets at each position, and some players they might give up to make a trade happen.

Seattle Mariners Trade Deadline Options

Players Likely to Leave

Although the Mariners have one of the weaker farm systems in baseball, they still have a lot of quality players that could land them some talent in return. If they are going to get a top guy in return, look for Julio Rodriguez, Braden Bishop, or Kyle Lewis to depart. Some of the lower players we could see leaving in a trade would likely come from the grouping of Anthony Jimenez, Juan Querecuto, Ronald Rosario, or Oliver Jaskie.

Help on the Mound – Endgame

As the Kansas City Royals showed back in 2015, a strong bullpen can make all the difference in the world. Although the Mariners already have a good bullpen, there is no reason they shouldn’t go out and look for another arm or two. It helps that they don’t need a closer, and here are some of the players they should go after.

There are plenty of relievers available, and any team with a good one who is under 500 is likely looking to unload. The Mariners could get any of these pitchers for a middling prospect with future value. The Mariners should look at this as an option, as it never hurts to have too many relievers. All of the above relievers are also striking out more than one per inning.


Help on the Mound – Opening Credits

The Mariners pitching staff has been very healthy this year. That being said, players are going to be approaching career high in innings pitched, and getting a top pitcher would be an enormous help. In the past they have traded for end of rotation guys, whereas this year, they should go in for a top level guy.

Noah Syndergaard – New York Mets

Chris Archer – Tampa Bay Rays

Dylan Bundy – Baltimore Orioles

Archer is the veteran of this group, quietly already 29 years old. Fortunately, he is signed through 2021 to a very friendly $27.7 million from 2019-2021. Getting him onto a winning team could relight his fire and bring out the ace that has been dormant. Dylan Bundy is likely the most get-able of the three, as the Orioles are going to have a fire sale to try and stockpile talent, as one of the few teams with a worse farm system than Seattle. Still only 25, Bundy seems to be approaching the levels many thought he could. This could help push Seattle to the playoffs.

The star of this group, is Thor. Noah Syndergaard is 25 as well, and like Bundy, will not be a free agent until 2021. With the Mets in flux, rumors are they are looking to offload either Syndergaard or Jacob DeGrom. The Mariners should toss some quality prospects to the Mets, as a Syndergaard/James Paxton pairing could be deadly in the playoffs.

Behind the Plate

Mike Zunino has been struggling, and his career has been enough of a roller coaster they could rename a ride for him. A poor start to 2017 was turned around after some time off. Unfortunately, 2018 hasn’t been going so well for him. He finds himself hitting only .189, and currently on the disabled list.

  • J. Ellis – San Diego Padres
  • T. Realmuto – Miami Marlins

Two completely different targets between Ellis and Realmuto. Ellis would be a great backup who could take over for small stretches if need be. Currently hitting over .300, Ellis would set the Mariners up with a short stopgap if Zunino continues to struggle. With Realmuto, this would be one of the largest trades at the deadline. If the team decides they are done with Zunino, they could trade him and some of the prospects over to Miami for arguably the best catcher in baseball. Derek Jeter and the Marlins continue to rebuild and listen to offers for everyone on the team. Could Dipoto work his magic and swing a trade for the ultra-athletic Realmuto?

Last Word

The Seattle Mariners are in a spot they haven’t been in arguably since 2001. Sitting 23 games over .500, they are primed to make a splash in the trade market. If so, they will push the Houston Astros as the second half takes way. With Dipoto at the helm, fans should hang on to whatever they have nearby to make sure it doesn’t get thrown in as trade sweetener. With his history of trades, Mariners fans should be excited for an exciting and surprising deadline.

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