Matthew Allan 2019 MLB Draft Profile

Matthew Allan
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The 2019 MLB Draft offers the promise of the unknown in the injection of new lifeblood into a franchise. While he won’t be the first player selected, 18-year old Matthew Allen is one of the best high school pitching prospects in the draft and should be one of the first players off the board. Allan, a Seminole High School product, has already committed to Florida to play college ball.

Matthew Allan 2019 MLB Draft Profile


Allan’s arm is far more advanced than the average 18-year old. According to scouts across the country, the high schooler can already consistently hit 97 with his fastball. On top of that, the righty has reportedly managed to maintain that velocity deep into starts and should only add strength with age. He can throw the fastball basically wherever he wants, boasting strong control in the top and bottom portions of the zone.

Allan complements his fastball with a plus curveball. The curveball doesn’t have the best movement, but it’s able to ride in on hitters and generates a strong percentage of swings and misses. He also throws a changeup which is easily the third pitch in his repertoire. While it’s his weakest offering, it still has above-average potential and gives hitters something to think about.

From a physical standpoint, Allan is everything a scout could want. At 6’3” and 210 pounds, Allan possesses the ideal build and size for a pitcher. Taller pitchers tend to struggle with command, and Allan’s height shouldn’t pose an issue. Additionally, his 210-pound frame suggests he has the build required to hold up to a starters’ workload.


Allan does a lot of things well, but he doesn’t do anything at an elite level. His fastball has ideal velocity and he has above-average command, but the offering itself doesn’t have outstanding movement. His other tools make up for this, but it’s still worth noting. Mechanically speaking, scouts aren’t fans of Allan’s backward arm action. Some believe that the motion is too lanky and elongated, but it doesn’t affect Allan’s ultimate ability to find the plate.

Additionally, Allan is still a high school recruit and has committed to Florida. Any team drafting him risks Allan not signing and leaving the 2019 MLB Draft with nothing. While teams obviously have ways of measuring this risk, it’s still worth pointing out. If Allan doesn’t like the team drafting him or the money just isn’t there, the righty will head off to college.

Last Word on Matthew Allan

Matthew Allan probably won’t ever develop into Justin Verlander, but he does have the potential to be a second or third starter in a rotation. Despite being just 18 years old, the Florida native can already hit 97 on the radar gun and sustain that velocity late into starts. He complements that fastball with a plus curveball and a changeup with plus potential. He’s good at finding the strike zone and doesn’t issue many free passes.

The biggest knock against Allan is that he doesn’t have a truly elite offering. His fastball has ideal velocity but doesn’t possess any noteworthy movement. Likewise, his curveball can generate swings and misses but doesn’t possess elite movement or break. Additionally, scouts don’t like his mechanics even though his motion hasn’t stopped his efficiency on the mound.

Evaluating high schoolers is always tricky, as it’s hard to predict how a teenager will do against the best competition in the world. However, if everything breaks right, Allan could make it as a top-end member of a rotation. While he probably won’t ever be a true ace, he has one of the highest ceilings in the draft and should be an easy first-round pick.

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