Paul DeJong Could End up a Hero for St. Louis Cardinals

ST LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 19: Paul DeJong #12 of the St. Louis Cardinals rounds second base after hitting a home run against the Milwaukee Brewers in the sixth inning at Busch Stadium on August 19, 2019 in St Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

26-year-old St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong is highly appraised. He is great defensively and offensively. This gives Redbirds Nation a huge glimmer of big expectations and hope.

The Latest on DeJong

DeJong is currently batting .247 with 22 home runs and 57 runs batted in. He makes a solid case to put a little fear in a pitcher’s heart. His numbers are not legendary yet, but they could be if he exceeds that in the following years. It’s not out of the question that DeJong turns into a superstar soon enough.

He’s Not the Only Star

DeJong isn’t the only dangerous hitter on the Cardinals. First baseman Paul Goldschmidt made headlines recently for his power surge. Marcell Ozuna is back in action with a huge return to help. Kolten Wong gets it done defensively and can hit his worth. Surprisingly, the Cardinals got off to a slow start this year. But make no question about it, they are back.

The other Cardinal players are reliable, but DeJong has the potential to be better than the others due to his level of play both defensively and offensively. He can be a rising star in both categories and is already climbing the ranks in both. That’s rare for a National League shortstop his age to achieve this early in the big leagues.

What’s in Store

DeJong has the potential to be a Cardinals legend. He’s in his prime now.
He may not be the Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols type of Cardinal hero. He is more like a David Freese. By the end of the year, expect DeJong to have had a strong 2019 campaign. St. Louis fans can count on Dejong to improve his .247 average and add on to his 22 home runs and 57 runs batted in.

If DeJong continues to improve, he should have a career year next season for the Cardinals. He’s young and a durable shortstop. He is known as one of baseball’s upcoming solid shortstops in the game.

What Is Known

He is only 26. He already has an excellent playing resume to his name. This means good things are in store for him and the team. DeJong is more than capable of becoming a legit star.

To say the least, DeJong is a star on the rise. A guy like DeJong should have a career year next season. He’s a diamond in the rough on a solid Cardinals team.

The Cardinals Are Known for Guys Like Him

The Cardinals are known for carrying a lot of talented players at a time. DeJong no doubt will help the Cardinals out in the standings. He is an above-average player that comes up clutch when it matters. He is quite underrated as an athlete, and it can be said he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. As a result, he should get more praise than he currently does.

He can be better than he is now without question. It will be fun for St. Louis fans to watch DeJong succeed for the Cardinals in the years to come.

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