Mike Leake Acquired by Arizona Diamondbacks from Seattle Mariners

Mike Leake Traded to Arizona Diamondbacks Mike Leake, a right-handed starting pitcher, has been acquired by the Arizona Diamondbacks. In return, the Seattle Mariners received...
Bob Gibson

St. Louis Cardinals Legend Bob Gibson Looks to Strike Out Cancer

Legendary Cardinals pitcher Bob Gibson was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which was confirmed late Saturday night. Gibson reportedly told multiple Hall of Famers in...
National League All Star

National League All Star Reserves and Pitchers Reaction

The National League All Star team is mostly filled with worthy selections, but there are a few names which raise eyebrows.

National League All-Star Reserves and Pitchers

MLB has announced the reserves for the upcoming All-Star Game taking place in Cleveland. The National League looks to have another strong squad with...
Jordan Hicks

Jordan Hicks Diagnosed with Torn UCL

Being able to throw baseball over 100 mph is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, a player with that ability can...
MLB Shift

Shifting Attention – MLB Shift Might Be Making the Game Unwatchable

A Downward Shift MLB attendance numbers have dipped for four straight years. Why? Is it the price of hotdogs? Are the beers not cold enough?...
Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Angels Hits the 646th Double of His Career

Pujols hits 646th double of his career. This milestone places Pujols alongside Carl Yastrzemski as 8th all-time on the list of career doubles.
top prospects

St. Louis Cardinals Top Prospects Show Promise

Peoria, Illinois is a fine American city. A blue-collar Midwestern mentality makes up the foundation of the largest city to sit on the Illinois...
St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals-A Quarterly Report

The St. Louis Cardinals have now played through a quarter of the 2019 season featuring some highs and lows. Therefore, it is time for a quartlery review.

Los Angeles Angels Albert Pujols Joins Elite 2,000 RBI Club

Albert Pujols has officially reached the 2,000 RBI milestone, becoming just the fourth player in MLB history to do with 600 home runs.