Dodgers Playoff Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers Playoff Odds: World Series Favorites After July

Los Angeles Dodgers Playoff Odds - According to Baseball Reference, the Dodgers have the best odds of any team in baseball to win the World Series.
Dustin May

Dustin May Called up by Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers had a very quiet trade deadline. They acquired left-handed reliever Adam Kolarek from the Tampa Bay Rays and injured St....
Will Smith

Will Smith Called up by Los Angeles Dodgers, Austin Barnes Demoted

For weeks now, Dodger fans have watched top prospect Will Smith crush baseballs in Triple-A. All the while, they were forced to deal with...
Gavin Lux

Gavin Lux Turning Heads in Los Angeles Dodgers Organization

Gavin Lux has been turning heads in the Los Angeles Dodgers Organization by owning AAA pitching. Lux has been a tough out since his June 27 call up to OKC.
Trade Deadline

Trade Deadline Needs for The Los Angeles Dodgers

With the approaching Trade Deadline the Los Angeles Dodgers need to become aggressive buyers in order to make a deep run in the postseason.
Kenley Jansen

Will Kenley Jansen Remain Los Angeles Dodgers’ Closer?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a problem: Kenley Jansen. Despite being far and away the best team in the National League, their bullpen has plagued...
Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly is Dominating for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodger fans can relax. It seems Joe Kelly has finally found his groove. After signing a three year, $25 million deal this past...
National League All Star

National League All Star Reserves and Pitchers Reaction

The National League All Star team is mostly filled with worthy selections, but there are a few names which raise eyebrows.
All-Star Game

Future’s All-Star Game Well Represented by Los Angeles Dodgers

Devin May and Gavin Lux of the Los Angeles Dodgers are representing the National League team in the 2019 Future's All-Star Game.
Dodgers World Series odds

Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Odds: Projections Vary

The Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Odds vary dramatically based on which projection system you check. The Dodgers currently have the MLB's best record.