Cincinnati Reds Promote Top Prospect Nick Senzel

The Cincinnati Reds have called up top prospect Nick Senzel. Senzel is the 5th rated prospect in all of MLB and will make his debut Friday evening.

Cody Bellinger Emphasizes Difficulty of Breaking Baseball Records

Cody Bellinger set a Major League Baseball record for the most RBI, 37, before May 1st during a Monday night game against the San Francisco...
Chicago White Sox Kansas City Royals Brawl

Ejection Inspection, Week Three, Part Two: Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals Brawl

This is Ejection Inspection, Week Three, Part Two.  Ejections 9-16 are covered here, while ejections 1-8 were covered in Part One. There were a whopping 16...

Ejection Inspection, Week Two: Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds Brawl Gets Five Tossed

Welcome to Week Two of Ejection Inspection! The premise and ground rules of the column are detailed here. The condensed version: each ejection from...
Cincinnati Reds Suspensions

Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds Suspensions: Chris Archer Gets Five Games, Yasiel Puig Gets Two

In the aftermath of baseball's first big bench-clearing brawl of the 2019 season, one between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds, Major League Baseball...

Ejection Inspection, Week One: Ron Kulpa Angers Houston Astros

Welcome to Week One of Ejection Inspection! This will appear every Thursday throughout the season. It will track all ejections from the previous week...

MLB Make-or-Break Candidates for 2019

2019 will go a long way toward the narrative of the Rays in Tampa Bay, the future of bullpens, and the careers of Senzel, Harper, Baez, and Kershaw.

2019 National League Rookie of the Year Candidates

Over the next couple of seasons, we are going to see some incredible young talent take over Major League Baseball. These guys have done...

Teams That Could Surprise MLB in 2019

Every year, at least one or two teams surprise the league in MLB, and the Pirates, Reds, Padres, Twins, or Angels could do the same in 2019.

Remembering the Top Five Moments of Tom Seaver’s Career

After being diagnosed with dementia, Tom Seaver's retirement from public life strengthens his immortalized legacy as one of baseball's best pitchers.